It's time to earn more, but travel less.

Not willing to spend all your time on making money? Using this information, you can learn how to earn without lifting a finger, once setup of course. We’re all interested in earning money by doing nothing. Especially if it requires no setup fee’s to start. It’s always important to remember, that automatic income isn’t always a lot of money.

One of the main reasons businesses exist is to earn money, and those take a lot of time to set up, and typically some capital. Instead of doing that, you can make money from many companies, simply by using these key simple methods we’re going to include in this post.

#1 Completing offers on rewards websites

Although it’s not automatic, it’s certainly worth paying attention to. Incentive rewards websites have been around for many years. It’s always important to do at least some basic research into a program before considering joining it. There are some websites that advertise you’ll earn loads of money, but this is sometimes not the case, or they’re scam websites that don’t pay.

It’s important that you understand, this is probably the highest earning on our list. You can very easily rack up to $100.00 a day by doing this. Completing offers is not hard to do, and can actually be a fun task to do while listening to music. These can range from registering for an account, answering a short survey, buying a product or signing up for a free trial of a product.

FluxRewards is a website that we run, and we always try to make sure users earn the most. Our support staff are trained at finding good methods for users to earn. As it’s ours, we’d like to suggest you join it, but if you’re not interested, you could always try our next favourite site KeepRewarding.

The benefits of doing this:

  • There are always offers to complete.
  • Typically free, or at least very cheap.
  • Easy, and fun to do, especially with music playing.

#2 Watching videos for money

This method, isn’t for everyone. If you’re not from a tier 1 country, it’s likely this method won’t work. This almost fades into method #1 however, this is aimed at just Video Offers. This type of offer hasn’t actually been around for that long. It took the incentive websites by storm in 2018, but it still works. At FluxRewards we have a decent selection of offers that you can pick from. Members from the USA will benefit the most from these.

Although this is automatic, without setting it up properly you’ll likely lose some income. It’s important to do the following to ensure you earn from video offers.

  • Turn off Ad-Blocker when you’re viewing the videos.
  • Keep the window active. If you’ve got two monitors, you can place it on your second.
  • Attempting to exploit tends to lead to a ban from Video offers.

Video offers can really rake in a decent chunk of money. A member of FluxRewards was earning nearly $100 a week by running video offers on old Laptops.

#3 Referring people to websites

Did you know that this is an amazing industry to get in to? You can start by simply referring your friends, but if you think you do this for a job, consider joining a CPA Network. We’re opening our own CPA Network, called FluxLeads in mid 2020. Some sites, like FluxRewards will pay you when your referrals earn money on their account.

FluxRewards actually provides a great source of income for some users. Earning money is simple. Simply be sharing your URL on social media and with focus group you can bring in new referrals which will all earn you money.

How to start doing this with FluxRewards this is what you’ll need to do:

  • Register for an account.
  • Go to the Referrals page.
  • Copy your referral URL.
  • Share it on social media.

It’s really that simple to start earning money with this method, there are plenty of other websites that offer this service, so you should always check those out as well.

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